"ScreenStrong is not anti-tech. Rather, we inspire parents to call out dangerous screen habits that are replacing real-life experiences and family connections. Every family across the world has been affected by toxic digital products that are targeting our youth. ScreenStrong is setting the bold standard that all parents have been waiting for. It’s time to stand up for our kids and join the movement today!"

After her oldest son, Adam, dropped out of college due to his video game addiction, Melanie Hempe, BSN, put her nursing degree from Emory University to good use and founded ScreenStrong. It’s her mission to create educational programs for kids and parents so no one will experience the pain of screen addiction. Her ability to simplify medical science and provide practical solutions for families has allowed her to share her passion and bold screen solutions nationally. ScreenStrong has won the hearts of many families who are preventing and reversing childhood screen conflicts and addiction and are thrilled to experience a newfound freedom in their lives.

Melanie hosts the popular weekly ScreenStrong Families Podcast and has been featured in Psychology Today, Thrive-Global, The Wall Street Journal, A&E Network, CBS, CNN, NPR, Screened Out (the movie), and various news and television outlets. Her ScreenStrong Kids’ Brains and Screens Courses are available for parents and students. Her three books include: “Will Your Gamer Survive College?” “Can Your Teen Survive—and Thrive—Without a Smartphone?” and “The ScreenStrong Solution: How to free your child from addictive screen habits.

Melanie lives in North Carolina with her husband, Chris, and four children and is happy to report that Adam has finished college. They are also delighted to trade wasted hours spent on screens for reading good books, spending time with friends in their home, and sharing plenty of family fun. It’s never too late to win back your kids, and ScreenStrong is here to help you do that!